Welcome Pared or TaskRabbit cook / server

We will be assembling tacos in an assembly line fashion and served banquet style. There will be a griddle or two to warm tortillas, chafing dishes filled with various fillings, then different salsas and sauces to finish with different toppings. Once heated, the tortillas will be placed 6 at a time on different color coded trays, with color tongs used to grab the filling, and ultimately placed alongside spatulas that will match the color of trays.

Please wear blue jeans, a black workshirt (Carhartt) or tshirt, black apron whenever possible.

Please text your name and 'PORK' to our number, 408.800.7675 to confirm that you read the brief description of work. There will be someone from our team to oversee the meal service that will give more detailed instruction. This just helps get you more familiar.