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We serve street food that combines Mexican and Vietnamese flavors and formats, playing on the surprising similarities found in both cuisines.

Powered by Pork was started by Justin Lanska in his home kitchen in an effort to create the perfect taco. Since then our company has grown from a fly by night operation, into a food truck and catering company serving the entire SF Bay Area. With a new kitchen in the heart of Oakland and the prettiest food truck around, we can make our next steps into providing true California cuisines to a larger area and demographic of peoples.



(408) 800-PORK


344 Thomas L Berkley Way
Ste 310

Oakland, CA 94612


Catering / Info oink@poweredbypork.com



Powered by Pork is a popup that now also offers office catering. We can either drop off a do--it-yourself taco bar or prepare tacos on-site because it allows us to customize the tacos to your tastes and any dietary restrictions. Book us for your next lunch, dinner, or happy hour! We've served meals to companies throughout the Bay Area like the ones below! We would love to serve your next meal for your office or event. 

Meals are up to $13 a head plus tax and delivery. This includes 3 tacos per person as well as a salad and seasonal vegetable side dish. Delivery is 10% or $40, whichever is less.

Cater with ZeroCater or Cater2me already? Ask for us! :@)


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At Powered by Pork we are always looking for new talent to join our community. We welcome anyone who has a passion to learn and be a part of the team. Fill out this FORM or contact us at oink@poweredbypork.com with a description of yourself, why you want to be a part of the team, general schedule, and a resume if you have one. 


Will be working catering and at our food truck. Need flexible hours for catering gigs (usually goes from 10am-3pm). No experience necessary. Paid by day. 


Assistant chef to Head chef. Helping with prep for catering and food truck. Job also includes being a server at catering gigs and the food truck. No experience necessary but preferred. Salary pay.


Highly preferred if you own your own car. Need drivers in areas of East bay, San Francisco, and South Bay.



Phone                                                                                          (408) 800-PORK

Catering / info                                              oink@poweredbypork.com

Cater with ZeroCater or Cater2me already? Ask for us! :@)


San Francisco, CA